Adventures in Student Blogging

I’ve dedicated every Friday as “Blog Day”. 

The first Friday we spent setting up an account and designing the look and feel of the web page. Before we headed to the lab, I introduced them to Weebly and walked them through my web site and how they could set up their own.  Then we meandered, (because 8th graders can never just walk), to the Library Lab. I was glad I had on my comfortable sneakers. My dogs were chasing their tails. “Mrs. Allison! Mrs. Allison!” So many questions to answer. “How do you change the background color?” “Can I add a picture?” “What do I call this?” “What’s my email address, again?” More than anything, though, the students were excited. That was huge. I radiated hope.

The next week, I thought, “It’s time to blog!”  We had just read a story about a boy who had a hard time dealing with change. We had also revisited the Robert Frost poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. Perfect! We’ll blog about change. I can be so optimistic sometimes. Back to the lab we went. Disappointment hit. So many students weren’t ready at all to blog.  “Where’s the website?” “What’s a URL?” “Which email did I use to sign up?” Sigh. I think I forget sometimes they’re only 13 and 14. I need to wear a pedometer to see just how many miles I can log on these shoes. 

Third Friday. This time I had an epiphany to send each student an email listing everything that should be included thus far on the website! This will work, right? 
More running. 
“Wait, what are we supposed to have on the site?” 
“Check your email.” 
“What’s my email password, again?” 

Tomorrow we go back again. 
I might need new shoes.

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